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For Sellers

Guide to Selling on LK Auction


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(There is no charge,This site is completely FREE)

Why LKAuction? Sri Lanka’s FIRST online auction site differentiate itself from the standard classified websites. This new first ever site is a virtual online marketplace where Individuals and Organisations register as sellers or buyers to conduct business-to-business e-commerce over the internet.This very first online auction site will bring every Sri Lankan together to shop online allowing buyers and sellers to get value for their hard earn money. Conversely , the speed, simplicity and variety of auctions mean that shrewd buyers can cut the time and the cost of procurement.

Selling your item/s on LKAuction is easy as 1-2-3

1. As a seller, you can sell pretty much anything and everything* as long as the items are competitively priced. Start with a lowest possible price and have a Reserve Price in order to safeguard your selves and to be satisfied with the price the item was sold for.

2. Be descriptive and use the correct words in the title and relevant category. This will maximise the chances of it being found by the potential buyers.

3. Describe your item promptly and accurately with their specifications, condition, features, advantages and disadvantages.Be honest and truthful with regard to your item/s since your credibility will decide by the buyer with their ratings and feedbacks which you will receive at the end of the transactions.

4. Take lots of photos of your item/s to describe it as it is.Buyer would love to see what they are biding on. After all - IT IS FREE of charge to add Images.

5. Offer Collection and Delivery of your item/s. This will attract more Buyers and will open up for a extra business and will bring higher return on investment.

6. Be safeguard your selves. Under our terms and conditions, as you are the seller, will take full responsibility for what you are selling.Be honest and truthful about the ownership of the item/s in order to stay away from accusations & Legal proceedings.

7. LK Auction believes in MY CUSTOMER-MY RESPONSIBILITY and we believe you are too.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions page for further information on "summary of seller Terms" and "Selling Conditions"



*LK Auction is a online auction platform market place. As a service we will bring the buyers and sellers together. Though we will do our very best to find genuine  buyers  for your selling items, LKAuction does not make any representations or responsibilities, neither not have control over the buyers final decision of completing the  transaction. Please satisfy yourself by negotiating with the buyer as we do in our real world.