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A Warm Welcome to LK Auction

First & Online Auction Site in SRI LANKA. Sri Lanka’s FIRST online auction site differentiate itself from the standard classified websites. This new first ever site is a virtual online marketplace where Individuals and Organisations register as sellers or buyers to conduct business-to-business e-commerce over the internet.This very first online auction site will bring every Sri Lankan together to shop online allowing buyers and sellers to get value for their hard earn money. Conversely , the speed, simplicity and variety of auctions mean that shrewd buyers can cut the time and the cost of procurement.

The site simplify as follows:

A place to buy : You will get almost anything you need or want at prices better than you can find in traditional shop or even online stores.

A place to sell : Whether you are a retailer or just an average person who is cleaning out your garage, house and any other unwanted items, almost everything you list on will sell if you are flexible enough about the price.Our global reach can even move unusual items that aren’t in demand in your own neighbourhood, turning paperweights in to cash.

A place to shop : Simply because of the immense variety of things that can be found for sale on Many of you will discover that this site is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to shop. The vast amount of listing created by sellers often include photos, detailed descriptions, and owner experiences. Because you will be able to see lots of the same item side-by-side in various conditions and know what each one sold or selling for, will gives you insight into the real market value or “street value” of most types of goods around the island.

FREE for buyers and for sellers : It cost nothing to become an lkauction member, to shop for goods, to purchase goods, or to sell goods. There are no monthly fees or other hidden costs.

Like the real world in many ways : Just as you will encounter both honest and dishonest people in the world, you will come across both honest people and dishonest people. Thankfully, lkauction site includes a selection of tools like the Ebay feedback system that are designed to help you to remain safe as an lkauction member.



LK Auction’s mission is to create a safe,enjoyable and value for your money shopping experience either you are buying or selling.